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Committee of A.K. Spintex Ltd

As a measure of good Corporate Governance and to provide assistance to the Board of directors and to meet the requirement of section 292A of the Companies Act, 1956 Section 177 and 149 (6) of Companies Act, 2013 and the Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement and in fulfilling the Board’s overall responsibilities, an Audit Committee is functioning consisting of only independent directors. The Audit Committee inter-alia has the following mandate in terms of the Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement:
1. Oversight of company's financial reporting process and the disclosure of the financial
information in the annual accounts.

2. To review and discuss with management, internal audit team and external auditors
regarding any significant finding of material nature.

3. To consider and review the adequacy of management control system and internal audit
function and frequency of internal audit process.

4. To review with Management the quarterly and annual financial statements before
submission to the Board focusing primarily on any change in accounting policies and
compliance with accounting standards, requirements of stock exchanges and other legal

5. To review Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Accounts to be placed before the Board.

6. To consider and review the financial and risk management policy of the Company.

7. To consider and review the defaults, if any in payment to the creditors, financial
institutions and reasons thereof.

8. To consider the directors responsibility statement to be given by the Board in the
Directors Report.

9. To consider the matter relating to the recommendation for appointment of the external
auditors and fixation of their audit fee and also approval for payment of any other

Composition of the Audit Committee
The Audit Committee of the company comprises of the following independent directors:
Shri Sandeep Hinger : Chairman
Shri Praveen Kumar Kothari : Member
Shri Parkash Chand Chhabra : Member

Mr. Ashish Kumar Bagrecha Compliance Officer is also functioning as the Secretary to the 










Composition of the Remuneration Committee:

Shri Praveen Kumar Kothari:  Chairman 
Shri Sandeep Hinger: Member
Shri Tilok Chand Chhabra: Member



The shareholders Relations Committee facilitate prompt and effective redressal of the complaints of the shareholders and reporting the same to the Board periodically. The Shareholder Relations

Committee of the company was constituted comprising of the following independent directors:

Shri Praveen Kumar Kothari: Chairman
Shri Sourabh Kothari : Member
Smt. Divya Rameshchandra Kachhara : Member

Miss Ashish Kumar Bagrecha Compliance Officer is also functioning as the Secretary to the